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99 North
E North Ave70
E Jensen Ave69
CA-41 North70
Ramp from CA-41 Nort69
Ventura St69
Stanislaus St / Tuol68
Fresno St66
Fresno St / Tuolumne67
CA-180 East67
Ramp from CA-180 Eas66
Ramp from CA-180 Wes66
W Belmont Ave67
W Olive Ave67
W McKinley Ave67
W Clinton Ave68
N Pkwy Dr / W Prince68
N Golden State Blvd69
N Brawley Ave / W As70
W Ashlan Ave70
W Shaw Ave (just bef69
W Shaw Ave70
W Herndon Ave (1 mil70
W Herndon Ave70
N Golden State Blvd45
Avenue 723
Avenue 9 (1.1 miles 19
Accident - 2:29 PM
CA-99 North between Ave 7 and Ave 9/Road 31 1/2
Avenue 946
Avenue 9 (1.5 miles 46
Avenue 12 (1 mile be46
Avenue 1258
On-ramp closed - 4:40 AM
CA-99 North at Ave 12
S Gateway Dr (1 mile70
S Gateway Dr68
State Highway 14566
N H St / W 4th St66
N H St / W 2nd St66
W Cleveland Ave67
N Gateway Dr / W Ken69
Avenue 1769
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