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19 (GA-400) North
I-285 East50
I-285 West51
Ramp from I-285 West65
Hammond Dr66
Abernathy Rd NE67
Abernathy Rd NE (1.269
At Spalding Dr
Northridge Rd / Robe69
North of Pitts Rd
Road construction. Two lanes closed - 9:46 PM
GA-400 (North of 285) North at Northridge Rd/Exit 6
Road construction. Right lane closed - 12:19 AM
GA-400 (North of 285) North at Northridge Rd/Exit 6
Northridge Rd / Robe70
At Roberts Dr
Holcomb Bridge Rd (170
South of Riverside Rd
South of Holcomb Bridge Rd
Holcomb Bridge Rd69
Mansell Rd69
At Mansell Rd
Haynes Bridge Rd (ju69
Haynes Bridge Rd68
At Kimball Bridge Rd
Old Milton Pkwy69
Windward Pkwy70
McFarland Rd (1.2 mi69
McFarland Rd69
McFarland Rd (1.4 mi68
141 Connector (1.3 m68
GA-141 South68
Ramp From GA-14168
Buford Hwy / GA 20 (68
Buford Hwy / GA 2068
Bald Ridge Marina Rd68
Bald Ridge Marina Rd68
Pilgrim Mill Rd (jus68
Pilgrim Mill Rd68
Keith Bridge Rd (jus69
Keith Bridge Rd62
County Way59
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