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210 West
Sunflower Ave1911
East of Grand Ave
Grand Ave / Baseline2025
Citrus Ave2218
Azusa Ave2827
Vernon Ave3348
Irwindale Ave5236
605 South6848
Buena Vista Ave5136
Mountain Ave (in Dua4135
Myrtle Ave3334
Huntington Dr3125
Santa Anita Ave5041
Baldwin Ave6759
Rosemead Blvd / Mich6761
Rosemead Blvd6653
Madre St / Sierra Ma6654
San Gabriel Blvd6764
Altadena Dr6765
Allen Ave6858
Hill Ave6861
Lake Ave6664
Marengo Ave6562
Fair Oaks Ave6765
134 West6565
Mountain St6665
Lincoln Ave69 
Arroyo Blvd69 
Berkshire Pl68 
Foothill Blvd (La Ca69 
Gould Ave69 
Angeles Crest Hwy66 
Angel Crest Hwy70 
2 North71 
Ocean View Blvd72 
Ocean View Blvd71 
La Crescenta Ave71 
Pennsylvania Ave71 
Honolulu Ave70 
Lowell Ave (just pas71 
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