Welcome to the new Sigalert.com

We are getting ready to launch a completely revamped version of the Web site and would like to invite all of our loyal visitors to switch to it now. We think you will find the new site a lot more useful and definitely more visually appealing.

While the site isn't 100% finished, all of the core functionality is there and working. Just click on the Map menu item above and take it all in. Enjoy!

- The Sigalert.com Team

What's New

The entire Web site was re-written and redesigned. Here are some of the highlights to look for:

  • Map Zooming: You can now zoom the map in and out and drag it around with your mouse. The map also grows to fit your entire browser window.
  • Stripes: We've moved away from the individual dots and replaced them with stripes that smoothly blend from red to yellow to green. We think you'll find it much easier to spot slow downs now.
  • Map Hot Spots: The map is now, even more than before, the focus of the site. As you move your mouse around the map, you'll see a highlight appear over the freeway (these are where the old dots used to be). Just click your mouse on the highlight and more information will appear RIGHT ON TOP OF THE MAP.
  • Data Refresh: The data on the map will now automatically refresh itself every 5 minutes (assuming you are still looking at the map). If you want it to refresh sooner, just press the Refresh icon in the upper-right corner of the map and the data will refresh without you having to reload the entire page. Slick!
  • Themes: Not crazy about this new brown color scheme? Just pick a new theme from the Support menu. (We plan to add more themes in the future.)
  • Partners: If you are currently integrating our traffic pages into your Web site or would like to include our maps on your site, we've greatly enhanced your ability to do so. Just choose Link to Us from the Support menu above.

Known Issues

  • Map Background The map background (land, water, signs, etc.) are just temporary. We are having new backgrounds rendered for us by the nice folks over at Pushpin.